Public Transport in Melbourne’s CBD

First up: Getting a Train into Melbourne’s CBD/City

Melbourne is our hometown, and we live in the inner North-Western Suburbs. If you are staying outside of Melbourne’s CBD, rest assured, it is easy to get into the bustling city. Firstly, find the nearest station and navigate your way to Platform 1.¬†Platform 1 is almost always the platform for city bound trains. If not, most ¬†inner/outer suburb stations are easy to navigate. We have a fairly basic train system here in Greater Melbourne, in which each Metro line goes into a central city-based hub – Flinders Street Station. Mind you, this system can be VERY frustrating for those who live here, although it also reduces the chances of you getting lost among endless amounts of platforms if you are unfamiliar with the city – something you may experience in countries such as Japan.

Buses and Trams

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